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Welcome. . . .

This is our world of Nuome . . .

We started writing together many years ago (see here) and over those years we have scribbled quite a lot. It was in the mid-to-late twenty-noughties that we decided we had stuff that was publishable - but we couldn't find the right publisher.

Fortunately, towards the end of that time, Amazon made electronic self-publishing a viable option - so in October 2011 we did just that!

The first book out was "Shades of Smoke" in late 2011. Click the title or the cover image below. It got some good reviews, so by summer 2012 we had two more ready except for cover images. "Shades of Gold" was published early in 2013, and "Shades of Magic" and Clissa's Lay followed rather later in that year.

And if these do well, we have another four almost ready - and hopefully a couple more after that!

Click the cover images to find out more.

For those of you who have already read 'Shades of Gold' or 'Shades of Smoke' or would simply like more information about our styles and the world we have created go to Free Bits

More information about us and our world is on various other pages on this site.

Don't have a Kindle? Don't despair.
Amazon provide free e-reading software for your computer, or phone or whatever - see here,
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News Items:

Graham has been interviewed by his local paper. Of interest to former pupils and anyone from Cleethorpes area.

Some people like us! Four reviews so far, more on the way (we hope). Look here. Try Shaun's review - but please note that none of these reviewers is known to us personally.

And on an entirely different subject . . .

Graham has been doing some writing on his own - in a completely different genre - adult historical fiction.
PlanetNuome is currently providing some temporary space while a separate website is created.

Click here to read about Regina - slave-girl, then freedwoman and wife to a Roman centurion. A story with adult content and some factual basis.

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