About Us

We have been friends for many years.
We met when we had adjacent rooms in student accomodation at Teacher Training College back in 1973 (Way back!). And yes, that means we are (or, to be honest, were) both teachers for many years.

Graham Buckby
Graham is just an ordinary bloke - sort of. He taught history for 34 years at a secondary school in Lincolnshire. He is the eccentric bloke that goes into a class of 12-year olds waving a Roman gladius (short sword) and showing small children how to stab things . . .

He is also a biker - an advanced instructor, actually - who set up courses to teach youngsters of appropriate age and inclination how to ride, and equally important, to repair and maintain, mopeds.

Eventually, he found his face didn't fit in the modern educational system (either of us could comment on that, but we might not use professional language to do so!) and eased out, in his mid-50s. That is not a good age to try changing jobs at all, let alone changing career! But he tried driving posh cars around as a temporary measure, and liked it, and now supplements his pension by continuing to do it. By the time you read this, his pension will have started, so it doesn't really matter any more, except to those poor children who will now not benefit from his natural teaching skills and slightly eccentric personality.

Alan Denham
Alan is just another sort of ordinary bloke. He became a less common sort of teacher, a male science specialist in a Junior school. That worked very well while there were Middle Schools - but they were expensive, so most authorities cut them back until they became just like the old Junior schools. This process is still not complete, some few regions still attempt to provide a proper education, but the cuts are biting . . .

Alan saw that coming, along with the National Curriculum (spit!), so he went into Independent Education.

The Prep School was a good one! Education meant a lot more than ticking boxes, so it provided a few good years. Sadly, like so many businesses these days, the school was subject to a takeover - and as the new Management Team moved in, the balance between the educational idealism that Alan was accustomed to and the growing business that the new managers wanted to run changed significantly. So it goes. Alan also found that caring about education more than business soon meant that his face didn't fit, and had to go back to University, get a Masters degree - and he spent the last 12 years of his career tutoring for Open University. That also has now ended and Alan is fully retired - he just hasn't slowed down much! When not stuck in front of a computer, he goes into his garage and cuts lumps off pieces of wood - see here, and more details on our Pictures page.

We are both seriously into large dogs and Real Ale