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. . . will describe bits of the background of Nuome. Anyone who wants real depth and huge amounts of fine detail can view this set of notes that are extracted from a huge pile of stuff we argued about as the world was developing Background

But of more interest to anyone not quite a terminal nitpicker, this prologue is probably more interesting and useful
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And one quick comment on the society that developed on this world . . .

Its technological level is roughly mediaeval or very beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Communications are not good - it pretty well depends on the question "How fast can you run?" Or "How loud can you shout?" Or for a really wealthy man, "How fast is your horse?"

Such a society needs a law enforcement agency. On Old Earth that was the local Magistrate, with powers to raise a small militia if he really needed to. We came up with the Percussors.

Percussors are often referred to as Assassins - but don't say that where one can hear you, he will get rather angry about it. These are not the original Assassins, from Persia in the days of the Crusades, nor the standard Fantasy book Assassin, nor even the Guild of Assassins as developed so beautifully in Pratchett's Discworld.

The closest "Old Earth" analogy is the Pinkerton's Agency from the American "Wild West". They are basically the Good Guys - but they will capture, kill or enslave for a fee, if you can satisfy them that your desire for vengeance is justified and proportionate and you can afford it. They do have a code covering "Proportionate vengeance" - but they don't mind getting their hands dirty. They are far more concerned with dealing out a form of justice, however rough, than they are with proceding according to any rules that would be recognised by anything like The International Court at The Hague.

Judge Dredd might feel at home with them for a short while, but he would probably be expelled (terminally) for a lack of subtlety, and for not being careful enough about colateral damage.

Since they are, basically, the 'Good Guys' they will hear your case before they take a contract - and will generally refuse a contract that they regard as calling for excessive, inappropriate vengance; and as you approach that line, the fees go up sharply!

They also do their best to avoid taking sides politically, so assasination for political ends, when it happens at all, will generally be undertaken by amateurs - who will then be hunted down by the Assassins - sorry, the Percussors Guild.

Anyone interested in words and their origins? "Percussor" translates roughly as "Hit Man"

In any large town they will likely have a 'Retainer' contract to assist the Town Council in the investigation and detection of crimes committed within the Council's jurisdiction. This will normally involve a friendly but cautious relationship with the Town Watch, whose duties are more concerned with breaking up drunken brawls, taxation at the Town Gates, border control, and bandits.

And another quick word - about animals, this time.

We have assumed a colony landing on an earth-type planet, so we have similar ecological niches. Earth fauna fit in pretty well - we have assumed approximate biochemical compatibility (we can eat them, and if we are not careful, they can eat us, without being poisoned) but we have sidestepped the obvious micronutrients (vitamins!) problems.

That leaves us with animals that fill the 'aggressive, migrating large herbivore' eco niches. The only one we need to mention is the malhorn. The name says it all, really. Horned, of course, and "mal" from the Old French. Think of a three-way cross between a carthorse, a buffalo and a rhinoceros. If you want to get really imaginative, then either base your 'rhinoceros' on the famous Durer wood engraving or add a bit of oversize armadillo. Then add a filthy temper - they are likely to charge anyone or anything on sight - other animals, including people, for preference, but wagons, large bushes, a tree - anything big enough to aim at will do.

These beasties swarm across the eastern plains like the American bison (before Buffalo Bill Cody), fortunately migrating in a fairly predictable pattern. Their temperament is such that if this world ever produces a Buffalo Bill he will get flattened in the first stampede and never be heard of again. They can (in theory) be domesticated - but it is far too much effort (and risk!) to do so for farm or draft animal purposes. It is only ever attempted for military purpose - they add a whole new dimension to a cavalry charge.