If you haven't read any of our work

Then the very short story "Thaumaturge" (given away on this site and also included as one of the shorter stories in Shades of Magic) introduces some of our forms of magic and some of our characters.

These other extracts

might also introduce you to our style and provide a little bit more background to our world.

If you have read "Shades of Smoke"

Then "Assassins Always Get Their Man?" will re-introduce a couple of favourite characters - and hint at their future relationship.

If you have read "Shades of Gold"

Then you may well be eager to find out what happened to Attria, and "Interludes" is for you .

And finally - just a couple more very brief extracts that we think will help give new readers some of the flavour of our work - and our plans for the future. . . . .
The Picture (from Shades of Death, not yet published)
Mirla's Dagger (from "Shades of Freedom", not yet published)