Collected Images

Let's start with a REALLY old one - Graham, on the left, is being Alans "Best Man". A very long time ago . . .
And a more recent shot, of Graham, in traditional pose.
And this is Alan, also in traditional pose
Graham, again, dreaming of where he would like to stick that gladius. (Politicians and former head teachers beware)

A gladius can help to solve classroom discipline problems, something which education experts seem to have overlooked.

Alan again.
Gods, he was a handsome fellow ** years ago! (and no, he is not owning up to how many!)
Graham again - so were do you think the idea for the smoke came from?
Well, we did say on another page that Alan spends time cutting lumps off pieces of wood. Sometimes the shapes that remain are quite interesting. And the advice they whisper in the ear is strange, but sometimes good .
Two of Graham's favourite hobbies summed up in one picture - a bike at a pub!
This was Alan's a few years ago - sadly no longer with us. He really was as mad as he looks (well, almost). He was also trained to pull a cart, which Alan built - a proper 4-wheeler, with his mother-in-law as passenger. If he were still around, Alan would build a Roman-style (Ben-Hur style) chariot - but that's another story (and Graham is trying to get it published, under just his name, Alan has very little input to that one).
Bringing up the younger generation with a full set of traditional vices. This is Graham hard at work touring Europe with his son and daughter searching for inspirational locations to use in Nuome.

The Cauldron is called Belgium.

We are hoping the research will be tax-deductable.

Further evidence of Alan's other hobbies and pervading interest in Fantasy subjects.
Graham with daughter. She thinks she has a secret identity called "Buffy" . . .

And she'd have slayed us both if we hadn't included her!

Alan also makes a real fool of himself occasionally - shown here in 1820s costume at Beamish Museum
Graham with Timmy III, the dog he owned while we were polishing up our world ready for publication.
Timmy gets a one line reference in everything he writes! Look in 'Vengeance'. And do you remember the name of the pub at Braglin? And he appears as the pub dog in one of the stories in 'Magic'. And loitering in a market place in Clissa's Lay.
Graham's daughter's dog Alfie is on the cover of 'Magic'.