Shades of Smoke

Shades of Smoke was the first book we published, back in October 2011. We really should have tried something simpler first, because it was quite a weekend - we read it through, aloud, taking turns, and correcting spelling mistakes, punctuation, typing errors etc as we went - and it is quite a long work to read aloud over a couple of days, even when two are taking turns! Then we took the bit between our teeth and hit the Amazon Publishing site.

Ah, enough said! Enough about the actual practicalities of publishing, anyway - it was a substantial learning experience (i.e. no fun!) but we survived, and it has been around for just over a year as I write this.

Some people liked it - a lot! Four reviews so far, more on the way (we hope). Look here.

"Shades of Smoke" is a good place for a first introduction to our world. It tells the story of Cormell, a young Illusionist - very skilled at one particular branch of 'magic' - but it is not what most people would regard as a useful branch in a fairly barbarous world! He has a lot to do and a lot to learn, just to survive, even before he starts thinking about vengeance for his murdered parents, or attending to his own career.

Maps showing his travels are here


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