Shades of Gold.

Shades of Gold is the second book to be published - though most of it was some of the earliest stuff we actually wrote.

It is a series of stories dealing with the adventures of a group we came to call "The A Team".
They are a typical group of adventurers:-

  • One girl (our principal narrator, a craftswoman with a taste for adventure),
  • One Assassin (but don't call him that - no, really, DON'T call him that!),
  • One swordsman/thief (but don't call him that, either),
  • One who fits the standard northerners insult - 'Strong in t'arm and thick in t'head'
  • And one magic-user - but he insists on calling it 'Science'
Although they start off as a stereotypical group of adventurers, we think we have developed them some way beyond that. One reviewer was kind enough to write "The world that has been created and the characters that inhabit it are easily strong enough to support a second outing" about our first book in this world. This book has different characters, but it is from the same authors, and set in the same world. Give us a chance - and tell us what you think!

The book tells of their first meeting, their first inept theft, and then follows them as they journey (run away!) across the breadth of the world, righting wrongs, having adventures - and growing in skills and confidence.

A map showing their travels in this book, with important locations, is shown here.

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