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Four so far - and more to come!

Shades of Smoke was published in October 2011, Shades of Gold in May 2013, Shades of Magic and Clissa's Lay have just been published, (Nov 2013) and we hope more will follow soon.

There are more books still in preparation in our series 'After the Fall' - they are:-

"Shades of Death" The story of how a Nuomist scribe named Attria became a lowly slave girl called Tria, and then The Heroine Tria Of Hammer Pass, including what really did happen at Hammer Pass.


"Shades Of Freedom" Slaves are not free to make choices - but freedom is a complex thing, and carries responsibilities, and sometimes great risks, especially if you are The Heroine Tria of Hammer Pass, and are called upon to decide the fate of a Ryaduran Princedom.

And following some time later:-

Partly written is "The Legend of Aspoteth" (working title), following the further adventures of the group from "Gold", "Death" and "Freedom".

And we have rough outlines for more of their adventures.

And there are several chapters already drafted for another adventure for Cormell - see Free Bits.

Er... and ideas - written ones - for two further books...

We just don't know when to stop!